2020 Afghan Cameleers of the Outback SCDAA Fiftieth Anniversary Stamp and Coin Cover PNC

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The Stamp & Coin Dealers Association of Australasia Inc. (SCDAA) was established in early 1970 when a number of Sydney suburban full and part-time Dealers felt the need to establish a Sydney based Trade Association to provide a service to the Collector in a growing Sydney market.

The Stamp & Coin Dealers Association of Australasia Inc is celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2020.

The Stamp & Coin Dealers Association of Australasia Inc. is a professional Association where Dealers are buying and selling Australian, Pacific and World Stamps, Coins and Banknotes.

The limited edition stamp and coin cover were to be released at the May 2020 Petersham stamp, coin and Banknote Fair.

The fair was cancelled due to COVID-19. The stamp and coin cover was still released in recognition of the celebration.


The Afghan cameleers who travelled to Australia made a significant contribution to the exploration of Australia's inland, and to the development of Australia as a multicultural nation.

To commemorate their work, the Royal Australian Mint has released a special 50c uncirculated coin.

In 1859, the Victorian expedition committee commissioned the import of 24 camels and three cameleers from India, to join the pioneering expedition of Burke and Wills. This was the start of a significant contribution made to Australia's inland development by many cameleers who came to Australia from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and elsewhere.

Camels were very well suited to transport and exploration in Australia's inland, being the optimal species to manage difficult terrain and survive scarce water supplies.

The Afghan Cameleers of the outback postal numismatic cover features a pictorial envelope with an image of Afghan handlers and their camels in the postage-paid area.

** Please note: number shown on the image of the cover is not the number supplied


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Face Value:
Fifty Cent
Coin and Stamp Show Release