2019 The Eureka Stockade - Mutiny and the Rebellion Five Dollar Silver Proof Coin

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The 1854 Eureka Stockade rebellion at Ballarat Victoria was an uprising that changed the nature of Australia's government.

This Five Dollar Silver coin commemorates the uprising of miners against the government under the Eureka flag, still hailed by Australians today as a symbol of egalitarianism.

The goldfields of Victoria in the 1850s were a rough place.

Miners Clashed with police as the government enforced unsustainably harsh fees and restrictions. A potential uprising brewed.

In November 1854 rebellious miners, under their leader Peter Lalor, erected a wooden stockade on the goldfields of ballarat, and unfurled their newly created Eureka flag.

On the 3rd of December 1854, the tensions surged into violence. A force of police and soldiers, well armed, rushed the stockade. At Least 30 miners and five police were killed, with innocent bystanders caught up in the violence.

Although the miners were defeated, their rebellion brought their plight to the attention of a sympathetic public and provoked a commission of enquiry. 

The Eureka flag is still valued as the symbol of an uprising that changed the face of Australia's democracy.

The design on the coin reflects the violent uprising of the Eureka Stockade

This Five Dollar 1oz Silver coin has a limited mintage of only 1,500 coins being released.


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Face Value:
Five Dollar
The Royal Australian Mint