2018 AC/DC 45 Year of Thunder Triangular Five Dollar Silver Nickel Plated Proof Coin

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 On the occasion of Australia’s premier rock band AC/DC turning 45 in 2018, the Royal Australian Mint has released their first
ever nickel plated coin. Not only black; this innovative coin is also minted on our sought-after triangular blank. 

In 2018 we mark 45 years since the formation of a young band in suburban Sydney, who via Melbourne would go on to conquer the world. During this anniversary for a band that has achieved impressive feats, the Royal Australian Mint is pleased to announce that AC/DC can add legal tender status to their accolades. Turning the volume up on our numismatic tribute, we have for the first time inverted the triangular coin and present the intricate design oriented to resemble a guitar pick.

The coin is black thanks to our nickel plating process, and to finish it off we have added high voltage logos in vibrant colour print. For fans of the band and collectors alike, this piece is a must-have, due to the unique commemoration it observes and the iconic features of its design.

  • Highly detailed design draws on album artwork across the timeline of AC/DC

  • Officially licensed AC/DC merchandise

  • Rendering this design in a striking new light, each fine silver proof coin is struck on a custom nickel plated (black) triangular blank. The design also features innovative colour print

  • Limited to a mintage of only 10,000 coins, this iconic coin is destined to become a desired collector’s item

  • The encapsulated proof coin is accompanied by an actual guitar pick and presented in a unique case inspired by the ear-shattering guitar amps AC/DC use on stage


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Coin Features

Face Value:
Five Dollars
Royal Australian Mint
Save 10%
$90.00 $81.00
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