Greg McDonald 2023 “Essential Reference" Australian Postal Numismatic Covers (PNC) 1st Edition

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Greg McDonald 2023 “Essential Reference" Australian Philatelic and Numismatic Covers 1st Edition

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The information contained in this 456 page book is as diverse as the issues themselves.

The Essential Reference Guide to Postal Numismatic Covers (PNCs) - By Greg McDonald Publishing

The aim of this book is to offer the collector, investor or historian more than just a date, mintage figure and a current retail price.
This book is to help collectors catalogue what they already have and identify similar issues that are missing from their collections.

In designing the layout of this book, considerable effort has been given to noting the variations through explanations and images.
As far as possible, this has been done in a non-technical way in an effort to encourage the novice.

  • 900+ Individual listings and valuations
  • Over 400 never before published PNC's
  • 456 pages