2019 Rum Rebellion Stamp and Coin Cover PNC



The so-called Rum Rebellion was Australia's only successful military coup as well as a catalyst for the introduction of the rule of law in Australia. the Dramatic events of 1808 when the New South Wales Corps overthrew Governor William Bligh are commemorated in the special 2019 One Dollar uncirculated coin.

In January 1808, the New South Wales Corps left their barracks and marched to Government House to overthrow the Governor. 

Governor William Bligh, who had already survived a notorious mutiny, was an ill-tempered and determined man. He had arrived in New South Wales to find the colony struggling, while the elite members of the New South Wales Corps had seized land and resources for themselves, trading in rum and among other goods.

Bligh attempted to break the 'Rum Corps" stranglehold on the colony's economy, clashing with the ambitious and equally ill-tempered John Macarthur.

The conflict between Bligh and Macarthur eventually let to the events of 1808; the only time in Australia's history that a military coup has overthrown the government.

Ironically, the Rum Rebellion led to the collapse of the military's power and introduction of Law in Australia.

The coin's design reflects the historic clash of the Rum Rebellion.



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Face Value:
One Dollar
Joint Issue Australia Post and Royal Australian Mint