Seven Seas Stamps The Australasian Stamp Catalogue Volume 2: Oceania 30th Edition

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An illustrated listing and guide to the values of stamps and postal stationery of Nauru, Norfolk Island, Pre independence Papua and New Guinea, independent Papua New Guinea and Pitcairn Islands.
Nauru 1916 - 2007 Stamps, Postcards, Aerogrammes, Presentation Packs, PSE's
Norfolk Island 1947 - 2007 Stamps, PSE's, Aerogrammes, Booklets, Presentation Packs, Postcards, Newspaper Wrappers.
Papua New Guinea 1914 - 2007 Stamps, Postage Dues, Registered Envelopes, Stamped Envelopes, Year Albums, Presentation Packs, Air Letters, Aerogrammes, Stamp Bookets.
Pitcairn Islands 1940 - 2007 Stamps, Watermarks

288 pages with colour photos softbound