Lighthouse Australian Pre-Decimal Stamp Album 1913 - 1965

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Developed with the assistance and advice of senior stamp dealers within Australia the album for pre-decimal Australian stamp issues covers the series Kangaroos 1913/45, King George V 1913/35, King George VI 1927/52 and Queen Elizabeth II 1953/65. The pages have provision for the complete range of the Kangaroo and George V period issues, all correctly captioned underneath as to year, watermark, colours and the variations in accordance with the catalogue numbering system of Stanley Gibbons and Michel. A front title page bearing the Australian Coat of Arms is also included in the album. Layout of each page has been designed for easy identification of all issues with superior printing coupled with the use od modern computer techniques on stamp images for easy identification of both definitive and commemorative issues. Definitive and commemorative issues are on separate pages. Provision has also been made for a page covering the 1964/65 helicon issues.

The offer includes are red "PERFECT" binder, boxed (slipcases available as an extra).


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