2022 Royal Australian Mint Six Coin Proof Set

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, a new type of Australian hero emerged! Their bravery and professionalism ensured that we were safe, secure and looked after. These heroes are Australia’s frontline workers.

The Royal Australian Mint has acknowledged the effort and skills of our frontline workers with this 2022 Proof Six-Coin Set.

When the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was identified in Australia on 25 January 2020 none of us could comprehend the world-changing events that were about to unfold and envelop the planet. As borders closed and mandatory quarantining was introduced, groups of professionals pulled up their sleeves and got to work. While the rest of us were told to stay home and isolate they did their job to ensure we were all safe, protected, informed, feed and supported. These heroes are our frontline workers, and they have redefined the Australian spirit.
The Royal Australian Mint acknowledges our frontline workers with this 2022 Proof Six-Coin Set.


  • The set features a specially designed coloured two dollar coin showing twelve frontline worker pictograms encircling a connected pattern representing all Australians.

  • The six individually encapsulated coins are presented together in a display case, and comes with an information booklet and outer box.

  • Struck to the Mint’s renowned proof quality


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