2019 The Eureka Stockade & Rum Rebellion & Mutiny on the Bounty Three Five Dollar Silver Proof Coin Set



We have put together the three coins from the Mutiny and Rebellion Coin series
  • Mutiny on the Bounty Five Dollar Silver Proof Coin
  • The Rum Rebellion Five Dollar Silver Proof Coin
  • The Eureka Stockade Five Dollar Silver Proof Coin

Eureka Stockade

The 1854 Eureka Stockade rebellion at Ballarat Victoria was an uprising that changed the nature of Australia's government.

The goldfields of Victoria in the 1850s were a rough place.

Miners Clashed with police as the government enforced unsustainably harsh fees and restrictions. A potential uprising brewed.

The design on the coin reflects the violent uprising of the Eureka Stockade 

Rum Rebellion

The so-called Rum Rebellion was Australia's only successful military coup as well as a catalyst for the introduction of the rule of law in Australia. the Dramatic events of 1808 when the New South Wales Corps overthrew Governor William Bligh are commemorated in the special 2019 Five Dollar proof coin.

In January 1808, the New South Wales Corps left their barracks and marched to Government House to overthrow the Governor. 

The coin's design reflects the historic clash of the Rum Rebellion.

Mutiny on the Bounty

The infamous Mutiny on HMS Bounty was a dramatic event that has inspired books and feature films. This 2019 one dollar coin commemorates the fateful mutiny that led to the settlement of a unique community on Norfolk Island and the appointment of the infamous Captain Bligh as Governor of New South Wales.

On 27 April 1789, tensions aboard HMS Bounty boiled over. As the Ship left Tahiti for Britain - with its sailors reluctant to leave the lush island. Captain William Bligh's infamous ill temper started to provoke his crew to rebellion.


These Five Dollar 1oz Silver coins have a limited mintage of only 1,500 coins being released.


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