2001-2004 50c Australian Commemorative Coin Collection

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Its the one you have been waiting for! The Complete 2001-2004 50c Commemorative Collection will prove an essential acquisition for so many collectors.

Handsomely presented in a full-colour designer pack, and fantastic value-for-money, this new release is a definitive overview of the recent years in Australias most important commemorative series. Comprehensive, each presentation includes the complete 9-coin 2001 Federation States & Territories Collection, as well as the 2001 Federation 50c, 2002 Outback 50c, 2003 Volunteers 50c and 2004 Student Design 50c.
Continuing a grand tradition that has seen the denomination established as the Number One vehicle for commemorative tributes, all of these coins have been subjected to extensive hoarding following release into circulation. Like their illustrious predecessors in the 50c commemorative series, all will be increasingly difficult to find in top quality. 

A golden opportunity to ensure you own every one of these important commemoratives in pristine Mint-state condition, this new compilation comprises coins chosen with strictly Uncirculated quality as the guiding light. A must-have for those who own the 1966-2000 50c Collection, each of these comprehensive presentations comprises all 13 commemorative 50c coins issued from 2001 to 2004 in Uncirculated quality.


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