Roman Base Metal Coins - A Price Guide 4th Edition



Roman Base Metal Coins - A Price Guide is currently published regularly and contains market values for all Roman base metal coins. The new 4th edition now contains dual valuations in GBP and USD"Roman Base Metal Coins - A Price Guide" contains current British market values for all Roman base metal coins (including very base silver) used in the Republic, Imperial Empire and breakaway Gallic, British and other usurper Empires, as well as the later divided East and West Empires.For the first time, the most commonly encountered base metal Roman coins can be inexpensively identified and some idea of value can be gained. Whether you are buying uncleaned late Roman coins in bulk, are setting out to form a collection of every emperor or are already an experienced Roman Coin collector, you will not be able to put this book down! The line drawings of most obverse types mean that the legend is clear and readable in the book, and it makes a great aid to identification, as does the alphabetical list of emperors/empresses in the back of the book.This third edition includes, for the first time, prices in GBP and USD (at a fixed exchange rate). Also included are instructions on cleaning freshly dug Roman coins, a list of Roman mint town mintmarks, an alphabetical list of Emperors/ Caesars/ Empresses and information on Roman coin grading. The book is ordered chronologically, and with the introduction of different coin types clearly mentioned, together with some historical notes, it also gives an easy to follow explanation of the Roman base metal coinage and how it changed over 750+ years.


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