Greg McDonald 2017 Australian Coins and Banknotes 23rd Edition Pocket Guide - In Full Colour

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Greg McDonalds Pocketbook Guide to Australian Coins & Banknotes, 23rd Edition 

The number one book in numismatics for over two decades. This reference is all you need to establish the value of your collection. Now in its 33rd Year of Publication.

This book covers pre decimal & decimal, Gold, Silver, Bronze Coins, Proof and Uncirculated Australian coins and Australian Banknotes. Updated PNC listing also included.
All Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint new releases are included.
Nearly 500 pages of information, photos and updated prices, this key reference is an impressive overview of the current strength of the market.

This book list coins from 1813 to 2017.
Includes the new Coin and Banknote releases of 2017

Summary of Contents in the 23rd Edition:

  • General Information
  • The First Coins - Early Colonial Currency
  • Gold coins - Colonial  & Royal Mint issues
  • Pre-Decimal Commonwealth Issues - 1910-1964
  • Proof and patterns
  • Military Money - World War 1 and WW2 issues
  • Decimal Coins - Royal Australian Mint (RAM) Issues - 1966-2017
  • RAM (Non-Circulating)  Gold, Silver and base metal issues
  • RAM Mint and Proof Coins
  • RAM and Perth Mint - Combined Themed programs
  • Perth Mint - Gold issues - Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Palladium Issues: Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Platinium Issues: Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Silver Issues: Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Gold and Silver Issues: Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Mixed metal themes: Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Multiple coin designs: One year date
  • Perth Mint- Miscellaneous  designs: One year date
  • Perth Mint- Base metal  issues: Themed multiple dates
  • Banknote section
  • Pre-Decimal banknotes
  • Unissued Pattern banknotes
  • Decimal banknotes
  • Decimal Non-circulating banknote folders
  • Uncut decimal banknotes
  • Decimal first prefix portfolios
  • Stamp and Coin Covers (PNC)



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