Lighthouse OPTIMA M12K Coin Pages - 309197 - Pack of 5

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OPTIMA K50 coin sheets fits 12 coin holders (50 mm x 50 mm / 2 x 2 coin mounts) per sheet

The OPTIMA transparent sheets (202 mm x 252 mm) not only offer safe housing for your coins but also function as a showcase for your coin collection

Clear acid-free pages for easy viewing and safe-long term storage

The OPTIMA coin sheets (202 mm x 252 mm) are available in 7 different sizes with capacities from 6 to 54 coins per page

Compatible with all OPTIMA ring binders, OPTIMA coin albums

5 sheets per pack


Old code: OPTIMA M12K -309 197 for 12 coin holders


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Lighthouse - Optima