2015 AFL Custodians of the Game Counterstamp One Dollar ($1) 'M' Melbourne Australian Decimal Coin



The 2015 Toyota AFL Premiership Season was one to remember, capturing the attention each and every week.
This year the AFL community has continued to grow and flourish, highlighting why the fans are the custodians of the game.
A special ‘M’ for Melbourne counterstamp coin has been produced allowing fans to take home a special memento of the season.

Starting as the Victorian Football League with eight teams, fans have made the game grow in many ways. In that first year, a finals season was installed to make players battle it out for the premiership. The grand final is still one of the most anticipated annual events on the Australian sporting calendar today.

Throughout the years, the League has increased to 18 teams, including those from other states and become such a national institution that it was renamed the Australian Football League in 1990.

The players are the stars of the game, with the best and fairest being awarded the annual Brownlow Medal, but the supporters are truly its custodians.
They follow its heart-stopping action and introduce new generations of fanatics.


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Face Value:
One Dollar
The Royal Australian Mint

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Face Value:
One Dollar