2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games Seventeen 50c Coins Uncirculated Collection in Album

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The Royal Australian Mint released the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Eighteen Uncirculated Coin Collection.
The collection is unique and exciting way to collect coins representing all the sports competed at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

The collection will appeal to the numismatist, sports fan and general public interested in the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

As an added bonus, the Melbourne 2006 collection also includes two additional coins with the sixteen 50 cent sports coins, the Queens Baton Relay $5 Frosted Uncirculated Coin and 50 cent Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games student design uncirculated coin.

The coins released in this collection are:
Melbourne 2006 Queens Baton Relay $5 Frosted Uncirculated Coin, Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games 50 cent Student Design.
50 cent Uncirculated Coins (representing the following sports): Basketball, Hockey, Shooting, Weightlifting, Badminton, Gymnastics, Rugby 7s, Cycling, Athletics, Triathlon, Netball, Table Tennis, Aquatics, Boxing, Lawn Bowls and Squash.

These coins incorporate the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games logo and designs. The coins are minted as uncirculated – these coins will not be circulated as currency.

The collection is beautifully housed in a strikingly vibrant folder. The folder includes a wealth of Commonwealth Games history and information. The information details the history and significance of the Commonwealth Games, numismatic coin information, and competition sports information and covers the entire history of Commonwealth Games records.


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Melbourne Commonwealth Games

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