2017 Year of the Rooster Four 1oz Silver Coin Typeset Collection





The typeset collection comprises a 1oz proof, bullion, gilded, and coloured coin from the Australian Lunar Silver Coin Series II – 2017 Year of the Rooster.

The birth dates for people ruled by the Chinese Lunar rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, and 2017.

Those born under the influence of this sign are said to be hardworking, loyal, honest, and sociable.

The Perth Mint will release no more than 1,500 of the 2017 Year of the Rooster 1oz Silver Typeset Collection in this packaging.

The reverse of each coin depicts a rooster, a hen, and three chicks standing amongst bamboo foliage and flowers.

Proof: The delicately frosted design appears on a mirror-like polished table.
Gilded: The gilded edition highlights the rooster in 24-carat gold.
Coloured: The coloured edition depicts the rooster, hen, and chicks in vivid colour.
Bullion: The shiny design appears on a delicately frosted table.

The typeset collection is housed in a classic black and red display case and themed shipper, and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.



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Year of the Rooster
Year of the Rooster

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The Perth Mint

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