2017 Christmas Star Shaped 1oz Silver Proof Coin



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This beautiful star shaped Christmas coin comes with a pretty ribbon so it can be used as a Christmas tree decoration.

The legend of the jolly big man in red is said to have originated with the Christian bishop, St Nicholas, way back in the 3rd century. The story of St Nicholas follows a kind and giving man born in Patara, which is now part of modern day Turkey, who travelled the country helping those who were sick, poor and in need.

The Perth Mint will release no more than 3,000 of the Christmas 2017 1oz Star Shaped Silver Proof Coin.

The star shaped coin’s reverse features a snow covered log cabin lit with Christmas lights, set against a backdrop of a snowy forest of pine trees

Each coin is housed in a special star-shaped capsule with a ribbon, so the coin can be hung as a Christmas tree decoration.

Presented in a delightful gift card, this coin is the perfect festive gift


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