2017 Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle High Relief 1oz Gold Proof Coin





The Wedge-Tailed Eagle is Australia’s largest bird of prey and one of the biggest eagles in the world. Found throughout mainland Australia, Tasmania and southern New Guinea, the Wedge-Tailed Eagle has a wingspan of up to 2.7 metres, and displays a long, wedge-shaped tail and feathered legs.
This majestic bird is known to soar through the sky for hours on end, frequently reaching altitudes of up to 2,000 metres. In the heat of the day, the eagle makes use of hot thermal air currents that drift up from the ground to reach these dizzying heights, whilst expending little energy.

The 2017 Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin is struck by The Perth Mint from 99.99% pure gold in proof quality

No more than 500 of these coins will be released worldwide

The coin’s reverse depicts an impressive Wedge-tailed Eagle perching on a tree branch.

This coin is housed in a prestigious wooden display case with a themed, customised shipper and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity



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One Hundred Dollars
The Perth Mint

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