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RENNIKS Australian Coin and Banknote Values 27th Edition by Michael Pitt - Hardcover

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This comprehensive guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes values contains over 2,800 photographs, in full colour and thousands of valuations updated and reviewed.

This book is a must for all collectors, whether you are just beginning or an advanced collector.

This book contains the latest new releases from the Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint.

All prices have been updated and with over 200 pages of information, this is a must for all collectors.

Includes coins issued up to June 2016 issues.

This book has been in publication since 1964.



Summary of Contents in the 27th Edition:

  • General Information
  • Coin Terms
  • The First Coins - Early Colonial Currency
  • Gold coins - Colonial  & Royal Mint issues
  • Pre-Decimal Commonwealth Issues - 1910-1964
  • Proof and Patterns
  • Decimal Coins - Royal Australian Mint (RAM) Issues - 1966-2016
  • RAM (Non-Circulating)  Gold, Silver and base metal issues
  • RAM Mint and Proof Coins
  • RAM and Perth Mint - Combined Themed programs
  • Perth Mint - Gold issues - Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Palladium Issues: Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Platinium Issues: Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Silver Issues: Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Gold and Silver Issues: Themed Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Mixed metal themes: Multiple dates
  • Perth Mint- Multiple coin designs
  • Perth Mint- Miscellaneous designs
  • Perth Mint- Base metal  issues: Themed multiple dates
  • Stamp and Coin Covers (PNC)
  • Australian Tokens
  • Internment Camps
  • Cocos Keeling Islands Tokens
  • Banknote section
  • 1788 - 1829 Currency Notes
  • Private Issue Banknotes
  • Superscribed banknotes
  • Government Issue Banknotes
  • Pre-Decimal Banknotes
  • Decimal Banknotes
  • Decimal Non-circulating banknote folders
  • Uncut decimal banknotes
  • Decimal first prefix


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