2017 Lest We Forget Two Dollar ($2) 'C' Colour-printed Uncirculated Australian Decimal Coin



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Since opening in 1941, the Australian War Memorial has been a celebrated national icon comprising of a museum, an extensive archive of military records and a shrine to those Australians who have served in military conflicts. It welcomes over a million visitors each year to reflect on the service of Australians, fulfilling its mission, ‘to assist Australians to remember, interpret and understand the Australian experience of war and its enduring impact on Australian society.’

The building is characterised by its iconic dome, the roof of the Hall of Memory, which was dedicated in 1959. Inside the dome is adorned by a stunning mosaic created by Napier Waller. Within this artwork black swans, waterlilies, bulrushes, the Southern Cross and a golden chain (linking earth to the spirit realm) all symbolise the journey of the fallen soldiers and their ascent to heaven.

  • An artistic depiction of Napier Waller’s mosaic from the Australian War Memorial’s Hall of Memory
  • Released to coincide with Anzac Day 2017
  • Uncirculated version of the coloured circulating coin
  • ‘C’ Mintmark not seen on the circulating edition
  • Presented in a folded card with details about theartist and his mosaic
This limited edition ‘C’ mintmark version of the coin will be a must-have for collectors and military history enthusiasts alike


General Product Features


Coin Features

Two Dollar
The Royal Australian Mint
Aluminium Bronze

Australian Decimal Coins

Two Dollar
Ian Rank-Broadley
T. Dean

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